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Liquore Circi

Dark Pleasure Liquore
al caffè di Circi.

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The production process:

Processo Produttivo

The production process of coffee begins from a shrub of the Rubiacee family, which in the plantations, usually reaches 2,5 metres but it can sometimes reach eight/ten meters high.
From this plant, which broadly speaking is called “coffea” but it includes fifty species, it is gathered the drupe, a fruit very similar to the cherry, red with a diameter of some 15 mm. At the centre of this fruit are the seeds, two in each drupe, covered by a layer of pulp, lined by the “pergamino” and by a silver coloured film.
After being extracted the seeds are worked and selected. The second phase consists in sending green coffee to different countries. Coffee, which is now in sacks of juta, travels in special containers (studied for this kind of shipping) to the silos of the destination ports.After disembarking, the coffee is stored in the port, where it passes various checks and sanitary controls. Every single set of imported coffee is analyzed by a reputed chemical laboratory to guarantee an absolute constancy of quality of Classico Caffè Circi’s blends.

Now coffee is ready to be stocked in the storehouse of the factory and the successive phases of the production process start.
Blending and roasting are very delicate moments in which human experience and technology have to be bound in a perfect harmony. After roasting, the first phase begins: different qualities of coffee are mixed to obtain only one product which has to meet the needs and the taste of the final consumer.Roasting is the most intense phase: in the enormous swivelling roaster cylinder, at a very high temperature, coffee is roasted under the very careful supervision of the operator.
After roasting, Classico Caffè Circi analyzes its roasted coffee to check and guarantee that the quality of the coffee is constant. At this point, the production process ends and the phase of packaging starts. During this step, roasted coffee must keep its organoleptic properties and also its fragrance. To assure that, Classico Caffè Circi provides for a perfect packaging that allows the best conservation of the product. The coffee you drink in cafés is the point of arrival of a long journey where nature, experience and technology are bound to obtain a perfect blend.